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Nurturing Toddler Care

Guide your child towards the enriching world of higher education with our toddler care program at Berkeley Child Care in Bayville, New Jersey. Our fun-filled classroom environment is enjoyable and educational.


Our programs are designed to help children become familiar with the skills needed for a successful elementary school career. We work with your child directly, in a fun and exciting fashion, to spark their interest in basic education skills, such as speaking, learning the alphabet, numbers, reading, writing, behavioral skills, and social skills. We do this by presenting them with daily challenges that are appropriate to their level and assisting them in mastering those specific objectives.

Real World Skills

In addition, we utilize a variety of learning experiences that focus on achieving real world skills and objectives. Our children are presented with activities that teach them how to analyze and solve problems, make them aware and responsive to their environment, and effective coping methods for emotions and relationships.


Our Toddler Program is designed for children age one year to two years old and provides a curriculum that begins teaching about speaking, walking, hand manipulation, numbers, colors, and shapes. Our Toddler classrooms are set up in centers for educational activities, circle time, imaginative playing, creative arts, music centers, library, manipulatives, and social activities. To maximize your child's development, our teachers work with your child on the following objectives:

• Painting
• Coloring
• Marker Drawing
• Walking & running
• Finger Feeding, Spoon
  Feeding, & Drinking from a Cup
• Identifying Colors & Shapes
• Matching
• Speaking & Imitating Sounds
• Stamping
• Potty Training
• Routines & Instructions
• Sharing & Taking Turns
• Roll, Throw, & Catch a Ball
• Cutting & Gluing
• Completing Puzzles
• Put Objects into & Take
  Objects out of a Container
• Pencil Writing
• Shape Sorters
• Building with Blocks
• Stringing Beads
• Clapping, Waving & Pointing
• Cause & Effect Games
• Song Singing
• Following Dance Movements
  & Routines
• Putting Things Back Where You Found Them & Cleaning up after Yourself
• Understanding Fundamental Word Meanings (Yes, No, Wait, Stop, More, Give, Take, Look)
Contact us at (732) 269-7676 and rest assured knowing your child is being taught by compassionate professionals at our toddler care programs.